CremaDì Tuna Spread – Hot

Creamy hot delight, prepared with the renowned hot pepper of Calabria, and enriched with tuna pieces.


Mayonnaies (sunflower seed oil, whole pasteurized EGGS, water, sugar, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, modified corn starch, acidity regulator: lactic acid)
Yellowfin TUNA “Thunnus albacares” 42%
Tomato pulp
Potato starch
Hot pepper of Calabria 1%
Sunflower seed oil
Acidity regulator: lactic acid, citric acid
Tuna raw material used is processed in Italy from tuna of EU and NON-EU origin, or coming from the FAO zone reported on the pack.

CremaDì Tuna Spread – Hot is available in the following formats
  • 135g
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