Callipo, a passion for good things

We have become an Italian Success because during 5 generations we have been constantly pursuing quality.

Callipo, a century of history

Giacinto Callipo established our company back in 1913, in Pizzo (VV), a beautiful city located in Calabria and historically known for tuna fishing and tonnare.

Our company was the first in Calabria, and one of the first enterprises in Italy, to tin the precious Tuna of the Mediterranean. Since its establishment, “quality first” is the mission that Callipo set out to pursue: in fact, in 1926 Callipo was awarded the License of “Official Supplier” by the Royal Household (Real Casa).

After 106 years Callipo has never wavered from that principle: a “way of being” which our business continuously hinge upon, well aware that it represents the secret of success

Italian Quality

For 106 years, we have been processing our products esclusively in Calabria, Italy, and carrying out some stages by hand, as in the past.

As a result, we ensure traceability of the food chain and specialised manpower, preserving a century-long tradition.

The goodness of unique products, realised by using high quality raw materials and 100% italian processing methods, according to the Callipo tradition, is comfortably delivered to your door.
Quality and taste in a single click.

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