Yellowfin Tuna in Brine

First choice Yellowfin Tuna, characterized by a tender, solid, light pink and low-fat flesh. Callipo Tuna in brine is suitable for consumers looking for low fat products (less than 1%). It is realized by only adding water and salt, in order to preserve the taste of tuna and the natural scent of the sea.
With its high protein content, it is ideal for children and young people, as well as for athletes and consumers looking for a healthy and balanced diet.

Callipo Tuna is the only ones produced with Iodized Salt Presal ®, which is “protected” as it is subject to a specific technological procedure maintaining iodine levels constant even after cooking and in food preparation, and ensuring its assimilation.

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Yellowfin TUNA “Thunnus albacares”
Iodized Protected Salt Presal® (Italian marine salt, potassium iodate 0.007%)
Tuna raw material used is processed in Italy from tuna of EU and NON-EU origin, or coming from the FAO zone reported on the pack.

Yellowfin Tuna in Brine is available in the following formats
  • 80gx3
  • 160gx2
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