Tuna Fillets with Sund-dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes with their intense taste enriched by typical Mediterranean flavors, perfectly combines with Tuna Fillets delicacy, resulting as an ideal pasta seasoning or a fanciful appetizer.


Yellowfin TUNA “Thunnus albacares” 42%
Olive Oil 35%
Sun-dried tomatoes patè 12% (sun-dried tomatoes 85%, salt, ANCHOVIES 6%, capers 4%, garlic, wild fennel)
Sun-dried tomatoes 10%
Iodized Protected Salt Presal® (Italian marine salt, potassium iodate 0.007%)
Tuna raw material used is processed in Italy from tuna of EU and NON-EU origin, or coming from the FAO zone reported on the pack.

Tuna Fillets with Sund-dried Tomatoes is available in the following formats
  • 200g
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